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  • Environmental Testing

    Environmental Market - ImageAvantor has an established legacy of helping environmental testing laboratories monitor the health of our environment - including our air, water and soil.

    Avantor's broad portfolio of laboratory chemicals and proven applications support can help enhance the performance of your laboratory, while achieving consistent, reliable results.

    Our experts work closely with you to provide solutions to your day-to-day challenges, helping to bring consistent quality and purity to every test. 

    Health and safety specialists depend on Avantor's portfolio of chemistries for detecting trace impurities and pollutants, and our trace metal acids have detection capabilities that range down to the parts-per-trillion level. Our environmental testing chemicals will meet rigorous EPA demands for extraction, concentration and sample cleanup protocols. Our specialized GC and environmental solvents can take trace metal analysis to a higher level.

    Products Offered for Environmental Testing Chemicals for Environmental Testing Applications
    • Application-specific SPE columns
    • Acids
    • Purified water
    • Salts
    • Solutions
    • Solvents



    A Focus on Quality and Transparency

    With tighter industry regulations, you need chemistries that provide proven accuracy and enable more sensitive analytical techniques with very low detection and quantification limits.

    Avantor's industry-leading brands bring consistent quality and purity to your processes. Regardless of the type of analysis your laboratory is conducting, we have the right quality products to address the current market trends and deliver the results your customers expect.

    Avantor was the first company to include lab results listing trace impurity levels on our labels, and for more than a century transparency has been a core value.

    We share product information openly, and we make sure that our products meet industry standards, including ASC specifications

    • CYCLE-TAINER™ solvent delivery system lowers risk for cross-contamination and drives increased productivity in your operations (available in select markets)
    • All Avantor product labels and Safety Data Sheets are compliant with GHS and appropriate regulatory bodies
    • Electronic SDS and Certificates of Analysis are available

    We serve our environmental testing customers with numerous proven global and regional brands

    Reliable Customer Support

     Our expert team will work closely with you to select the right chemistries to enhance the performance of your laboratory, enabling you to meet the rigorous demands of the EPA - and your customers.

    We offer a breadth of resources to support your requirements, regardless of your application, test or process. Access to our applications and technical support team, online customer assistance and extensive distributor network makes it easy to get the information and service you need, when you need it.


    Contact your Avantor account manager for more information.