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  • MEMS Manufacturing

    MEMS Market - ImageJ.T.Baker® Quality for MEMS Cleaning Chemistries

    Avantor is a trusted supplier to some of the world's foremost manufacturers of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS). Our J.T.Baker® quality electronic solutions help MEMS manufacturers confidently innovate and develop cutting-edge electronics that shape the future of communications, automotive/aviation, energy, computer systems, medical equipment and more.

    We understand that side wall polymers and large scallops complicate isolation layers, seed layer deposition, and impact electroplating. Our experts work directly with MEMS manufacturers to help you address your most difficult challenges.

    Avantor delivers solutions that support the removal of bottom and sidewall polymers and residues, while reducing the scallops created by the Bosch process.

    Bosch Process

    Product Line Highlights

    J.T.Baker®  brand photoresist removal products offer excellent process control, with metals and oxide substrate etch rates that are extremely low and highly predictable. 

    • J.T.Baker® ALEG-380
    • J.T.Baker® ALEG-368
    • J.T.Baker® CLk™-168 Post-Ash Residue Remover
    • J.T.Baker® CLk™-228 Photoresist Stripper and Post-Etch Fluoropolymer Residue Remover
    • J.T.Baker® CLk™-820 Photoresist Stripper
    • J.T.Baker® CLk™-888 Photoresist Stripper
    • J.T.Baker® PRS™-3000 Photoresist Stripper (Highly effective organic salt blend; excellent stripping capability for organic bulk film, photoresist and sidewall polymer removal; 100% water soluble - no intermediate rinse required)


    Broad Offering of Innovative Formulations Backed by Proven Quality Systems


    Avantor is known worldwide for product consistency and application-specific performance products. Our selection of post-etch residue removers and photoresist strippers are backed by Avantor's proven quality systems.


    Expert Applications Support Helps You Meet Changing Requirements

    Avantor's expert staff of application engineers will work with you to implement a process that provides a total solution to meet your business and manufacturing requirements. We will work with you in one of our state-of-the-art laboratories or at your facility to help you overcome specific challenges and speed your ramp. Avantor offers:


    • Technology centers in both the U.S. and Taiwan, which represent models for improved collaboration
    • Close customer proximity and expert technical support
    • Collaboration along every step of your process